Company Profile

  • Company Affiliated Laboratory

Company Affiliated Laboratory

Rail fastener, Steelworks facility, Structural design improvement technology

  • Structure improvement of the cokes oven door and sinter pallet car of steelworks
  • Development of lightweight materials for rail fastener
  • Improvement of material structure for automotive case components
  • Development of cast iron material

Research and Development

  • 01 Pallet car structure development/Technical classification code (H0899)
  • 02 Vertical molding changes to increase productivity of horizontal molding product/Technical classification code (H9999)
  • 03 Trimming Press (100 Ton)/Technical classification code (EA0899)
  • 04 Rail fabrication of automatic molding machine/Technical classification code (EA0209)
  • 05 Cast iron material for automatic trimming/Technical classification code (EA9999)
  • 06 Structure improvement of pusher side coke oven door/Environmental pollution prevention improvement